Active developers on steem

A list of developers who are actively building stuff on top of steem. It only covers those who were active at least in the last 3 month.

Developers with active projects

Name Skills Projects Joined
@benniebanana Python SteemitMentions, Python@SteemDocs June 2017
@cryptomancer Python SteemVoter August 2016
@davidk PHP, MySQL, JS SteemPHP June 2017
@daynewright JS, React, Angular, C# Steemit Voting Power July 2016
@dehenne PHP, *SQL, JS, NodeJS, React, GraphQL, Ionic, all webstuff, Linux SteemPi, DTube Share June 2017
@dez1337 Java, JavaScript SteemJ July 2016
@furion ? SteemData July 2016
@good-karma JS, NodeJS, Angular, Ionic, Cordova eSteem, SteemMonitor (App), SteemFest (App), SteemPoll July 2016
@jesta Python, JS, React, Electrum ChainBB, PeerplaysDB, SteemDB, GolosDB, Vessel, steemstats (inactive), reprint (inactive), steem-php (inactive) July 2016
@pilcrow JavaScript, Angular Spectacles June 2017
@reggaemuffin Ruby, React SteemSports May 2017
@roelandp ? SteemTools July 2016
@sarasate JS, React, React Native, GraphQL Insteem (prototype), Steem Docs, SteemNews, SteemQL April 2017
@shaunmza PHP, Go SteemFollower Jan 2017
@techtek Hardware software design and concept development SteemPi June 2017
@unipsycho ? Autosteem Oct 2016
@xeroc Python Streemian, Piston April 2016
@xtar ? Escrow GUI, Bulletin Board, PPY Witness Monitor, Golos explorer (ru) July 2016
@zcgolf16 Python SteemTicker-OSX, SteemAlerts, Python GUI Wallet May 2017

Developers looking for projects

Name Skills Interested in Joined
@shanij Swift, Ruby, RoR, Python App development (iOS) June 2017

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